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Advising FormsStudents should see their faculty advisor for career elective course planning, internships, and other career-related issues (a full listing of students with their assigned faculty advisor contact and office hour info is posted outside the BRAE dept. office in bldg 8-101). Brad Kyker, a professional academic advisor, is available to give guidance in GE, major & support course planning, and to assist students when issues arise. The Advising Center (bldg 10-202) is available for student questions or concerns (current general hours: Monday-Thursday, 9-5 pm; Friday, 9-noon). Peer advisors with ASM and BRAE expertise can also help with general policy and procedural questions and quarterly course selection. 

BRAE Department Academic Advisor

Bradley Kyker

Bradley Kyker M.S.
Director, MAP Student Center

Telephone: 805.756.7625
Please contact me through the CAFES Advising Center located in bldg. 10 room 202.

Mr. Kyker is the academic advisor for the BRAE department, as well as the ASCI & DSCI departments.  He has worked as an advising specialist with CAFES since 2003, and as a student development professional since 2000.  He loves teaching and guiding students toward academic success by encouraging them to take full ownership of their education.  He helps students when they are experiencing academic and personal challenges, and can assist students in building a strong network of support by tapping into a variety of academically supportive resources on campus.  To better understand good strategies for success and resources available to students, please visit the CAFES Advising website.  For more information on Mr. Kyker, please refer to his staff webpage.

BRAE Department Peer Advisors

Caitlin Held

Caitlin Held
ASM major (minors: Ag Business, Water Science)


Caitlin is a junior ASM major from Santa Paula and a member of multiple clubs and organizations, including AES, ASABE, Tractor Pull, Young Farmers & Ranchers of SLO, and the SLO County Farm Bureau.  She enjoys tennis, hydroponics, and running. She is happy to share advice with students about jobs, clubs, and any other part of college in addition to curriculum.

Hilary Olsen

Hilary Olsen, E.I.T.
BRAE major
Telephone: 530-613-6627 (cell)

Hilary is a 4th year-BRAE major, the president of the Agricultural Engineering Society and a member of the Tractor Pull Team/Club. Hilary is an engineering technician at the Irrigation Training and Research Center and plans on pursuing a career in water management and policy. Her interests include camping, hiking, swimming, tractor pulling, eating ice cream, playing guitar and writing songs. She is currently the Youth Coordinator for the SLO United Methodist Church, and enjoys spending time with children and helping them grow. Hilary likes helping people and really enjoys being an active part of the BRAE department family.

Advising Forms

   Advising Forms

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